Adam Linkenauger – Jump Higher

Basketball players should work on increasing vertical leap strategies, whether they are playing, or they are taking a little time off. To make this effective, you need to have several components working together. You could simply choose to play much more and improve my playing the game. But there is much more to this than is on the surface. If you want to improve your vertical leaping ability, this article is written to show you how to take your training time to the next level.

To do this the right way, focusing on your leg muscles is important. Your calf muscles must be targeted to get the highest jumps possible. The last-minute lift off utilizes your calf muscles, allowing you to leave the ground with a jolt. So you need to have strong calves, obviously, and there are many ways to work on them. Natural exercise should always be a part of the process but there is more you can do. In regard to exercising, you could do calf raises – these are great strength builders and are easy to do. If you really want to build your calf muscles, a full range of motion must be used as you do the workout. The next thing to consider is that when people do these types of jumps, they are explosive in nature. Getting your body to jump in the air in that manner, you need to train your leg muscles for this type of activity. Your legs have to be conditioned to do these explosive launches up toward the hoop. There are many ways to do this. You can use lighter weights and work your legs such as higher intensity squats. To make your calf muscles even stronger, high-intensity short sprints can also help. By working your body and legs in this manner, you can develop the ability to explosively leap into the air anytime you want.

Like poetry in motion, the flow of someone doing high vertical leaping is something to behold. The simultaneous movement of your body, acting as a fluid machine, is what allows you to do vertical leaps in a way that astounds the crowd. The arm movement is something you need to really focus on. Holding the ball appropriately, you can execute these moves while playing basketball. By exerting your arms, using forward momentum, you can overcome the inertia that typically keeps you grounded. Using your arms appropriately, you can use a very powerful graceful move to trust them upward to achieve a greater height. By simply training every day on the court, playing the game, your vertical leaps will improve using these tactics. Your goal is to dramatically boost your vertical leap but rarely is it just about how high you can jump. Converting your momentum into a vertical jump is really the key. It is not as simple as simply running and jumping around. It has to do with one explosive jump, coordinating all of your physical movements, into something that is awe-inspiring.

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